Friday, January 16, 2009

Smokehouse Reunion

Yesterday, I lunched with several Warner alumni, including Tom Ruegger, Jean MacCurdy, Paul Dini, Paul Rugg, and still-Warner employed Alan Burnett. We exchanged stories about meetings gone wrong, executive blunders, and how broke we all are except for Alan Burnett. (He still has a job, did I mention that?) Jean is blissfully retired and occasionally drives to Sacramento and back for exercise.

Then, like Keyser Soze, poof, we were gone.


takineko said...

Why is no one hiring you people?? Have they all gone mad?? :C

I guess it goes without saying I'm sending well wishes for all of your careers.

John P. McCann said...

Thanks, Takineko.

There are some jobs out there, but the whole business model has changed drastically.

But if Weena Mercator can persevere, so can we.

takineko said...

God bless that woman and her springy hamstrings! She's an example for us all!

Troy said...

Sometimes, as I sit here at the office on Hollywood Blvd., I can almost smell the garlic bread calling my name from over the hill...

I'm of firm belief that the powers of Ruegger, McCann, Rugg, Dini, and Co. need to be combined once again to form a super band. One that will rock the world like it has never rocked before.

John P. McCann said...

Something good will happen.

In any case, something will happen.

Why not something good?

Something good involving garlic bread.

I think I'll have lunch again.

Keeper said...

If you weren't gone, then I supposed you'd be Keyser Permanente.

mmm, garlic! In the heat of August or so, I had stopped in nearby Gilroy, California, to buy a DVD. I stepped outside for a moment and just took a whiff. gaaaaaaaarliiiiiic!

Heh, Jean doesn't get much exercise, then. S.F. to Sacto is pretty damn straight! I make that trip twice per year. Looks like soon I'll be making it from the opposite (and considerably more interesting, road-wise) direction, since I have to move to Nevada if I wish to remain employed.

Anonymous said...

I think I ate too much garlic bread.
I'm feeling a little "urpy" today.
Someone should have slapped my hand away from that basket.
I'm sorry I ate more than my share.
Did you see the bill?
The six main courses added up to about 52 dollars.
The drinks, a total of 21 dollars.
The bill for the garlic bread: $326.59
I gotta stop eating there.
I gained 11 pounds.
But great seeing you and everyone.

Anonymous said...

Alan Burnett's career will survive nuclear war.

John P. McCann said...

That's a tough call, Keeper.

Holding onto a job and the money it brings in.

Or basking in unemployment, the free time, the projects, and the absence of income.

As you can tell, I've followed unemployment's siren call.

Go to Nevada.

John P. McCann said...


They know I'm hooked on their garlic bread and often call me at home to taunt me.

John P. McCann said...

In the glowing rubble will live rats, cockroaches, and Alan Burnett's animation career.