Thursday, August 23, 2018

Twin Peaks Diner Still Serves Cherry Pie

Red Sky in Morning, Vegans Take Warning

gold coast bulletin
Back from the Pacific Northwest where much of the smoke from distant fires blew down from British Columbia. They're having their own hot time this year, as Seattle and the surrounding region very much resembles Los Angeles in the 1980s: haze-soaked with air you can taste.

In those days, I worked as a guard for a downtown jewelry company. We had a small electronic box that sounded an alarm whenever smog reached a certain polluted level. Then you were supposed to send everybody home. That never made sense. We were inside with air-conditioning. But policy dictated we dispatch the work force outside, into the  scratchy smog—a portmanteau of "smoke" and "fog"—where the employees would drive off, increasing smog. (Since I worked the midnight shift where our biggest problem was two-pound rats, I never witnessed a work-place evacuation.)

Gab-gab-gab, meander-meander, Twin Peaks. Much of the exterior location shooting was around Snoqualmie and North Bend, Washington. North Bend is a rather quaint town, sitting in a very scenic location, between four-thousand foot Mount Si and the Cascade foothills.
Mt. Si

And, of course, while in North Bend, we dined at Twede's Cafe.  For lovers of the show, I did have the cherry pie. Wednesday was open mike night and a man with a guitar entered as we left, reminding us that it was open mike night. Below is a photo of my young cousin, holding my sister's dog, outside Twede's, where the tattooed waitresses wear black Twin Peaks tee-shirts. But the service is good and the pie delicious. Alas, I cannot vouch for the coffee, but I understand it's "damn fine."

Proud they are of their association with the fabled TV show. 

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