Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paper Wave; Writing/Running Update

A mound of unread books and magazines has drawn me away from the Web along with a desire to reestablish myself as a guy who can focus with single-minded intent on the printed word, as Internet use has gradually eroded my ability to do so.

I've officially begun the other two sections of my novel. Rather than a detailed outline, which has killed two other book attempts, this time I'm filling chapters with stream-of-consciousness notes, thoughts, scenes. That way, I'm more open to the sudden, unexpected changes that will arise. I'm quite excited after avoiding the start for months. Halloween remains my deadline for a first draft.

Went a'hiking with Paul Rugg the other day. Paul's not afraid of a vertical trail. However, coming down those vertical trails pounded my knee into soreness. Ran two miles and walked one on Thursday with lingering knee tenderness. Iced on Thu. and Fri; did yoga yesterday, then walked two/ran two today over at Griffith Park. Much improved knee and I finished the run relaxed and pain-free. This Chi running style is quite different and will take a long time to master, but it eliminates the jarring heel strike I practiced successfully for 40 years (give or take a few years off for drunkenness or sloth).

Sunday, June 06, 2010

D-Day Kudos

Sixty-six years ago they went ashore on beaches called Gold, Sword (British), Juno (Canadians), Utah and Omaha (Americans). Thanks to the men who invaded Normandy and ended Nazi rule of France, ensuring the world's supply of depressing literature would continue on into a new century. Freedom must include poor usage or it isn't really freedom. Observe college students. Anyway, the Allies rocked big time that far-off day. Their memory lives on.

BTW: An interesting footnote I probably learned from the History Channel, ie. numerous 16 mm reels of great D-Day battle footage lie at the bottom of the English Channel. A U.S. Army cameraman reported his film, and that of other combat cameramen, were collected by a colonel who stuffed the canisters in a duffel bag, then accidentally dropped the bag into the sea. I feel something similar happens to most of my tax dollars.

SD Marathoners Run Away!

That's what they're doing right now: Ernesto, Emil, Rouman, C.J., Mindy, Caroline, Lindsey, aided by coaches Dave, Karla, Chris, Elizabeth and walk coach extraordinaire Kim Possible. They're running away at the new and improved San Diego Marathon. Adding a half-marathon (for the general public) and changing the course to end at Sea World has pumped up race attendance by thousands. Best of luck to all and here's hoping the marine layer lasts 'till afternoon.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Run/Write Report

Another 3 miles yesterday, walking fast for two minutes then running for 1 and repeating as necessary to cover the distance in 36:53 which comes out to 12:17 a mile. Despite the fact that I'm fat as a bean bag sofa, I was pleased to finish minus knee soreness, a state that continues into today. Hopefully, I'll keep up this routine for the next month, 3x a week.

Unless work intervenes. Then I'll be forced to give up work.

I had an idea for a fast, fun science fiction story that I would write in a week. It's turned into two weeks. Unlike the curt "Fresh Ideas," this one seems to be growing into another 8K-word honker ala "Bane Fish." As I've never written a sci-fi story, I find myself spending a lot of time crafting backstory that won't see the page but ends up informing my story choices. I need to complete a draft before I totally bail out for something easier.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Paul and Jillian Rugg Challenge Themselves

Paul and Jillian Rugg throw themselves into the Froynlaven Challenge. (To the soundtrack from The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad no less.)
via takineko on Facebook.