Friday, February 23, 2024

Screenwriter Talks on Orwellian DEIA Rules

Yes, DEI with an A added.

YouTube Channel Film Threat invites on a working Hollywood writer to explain the death of quality now inbound with Amazon Prime's new extensive mandates for script Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and ACCESSIBILITY. (The Society for Diversity provides pithy definitions.)
A small spoiler: I think the hosts and writer miss the point. They keep pointing out how none of the Inhuman Resource mandarins enforcing the rules have any Hollywood experience. That's a feature, not a bug, with DEIA. Since the point is perpetual friction between squabbling child-like victim groups with government as Daddy, then the less experience you have in a trade, the better. You won't be sidetracked by any lingering memories of craft or excellence. 
I do agree there will be a boom in the indie film market. Stories that appeal to the human condition, and not boilerplate Maoist shit screeds, will triumph in the end. 
Check it out.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

My Writing Schedule. v2

 What now, big talker?

Eleven years ago, I was working this hard to build an ebook empire. So where is it? Still in boxes and boxes of first drafts, waiting for the author to stop screwing around and finish.

A few points: I didn't break each project into small enough pieces, so that completing it in bite-sized chunks wouldn't feel so daunting. 

Also, I failed to periodically assess my progress. Too much time on outlines? Not enough? Why did I allow procrastination to torpedo such excellent headway?

A finished first draft is an accomplishment, but only an initial step in the final product. I took the easy path of parking the draft "just for a bit" and starting on new projects, then "allowing them to simmer."

When it comes to writing, I excel at conning myself to avoid the hard work of pressing on.

I'll do it again if I'm not careful. 

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Monday, February 19, 2024

Disney and Mossad Interrogate Hamas

 War Forges Strange Partnerships

If the Mouse is determined to make woke flops, then someone, somewhere will spot a hidden advantage in such films.

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Friday, February 16, 2024

Plump Info-Rich Author Blog

  Publishing . . . and Other Forms of Insanity

Since I'm hot this week on author stuff, here's a great trove of writerly information. Erica Verillo's super blog answers the questions on most author's minds: whose buying and how much do they pay per word? That said, there are links for agents looking for writers, literary contests, resources and more. And Erica updates this every month. Every month! I'm lucky to post twice a week.

Swing by Publishing . . and Other Forms of Insanity and sup from a bottomless cup of gratis info for authors, poets, and those eager to join their ranks. You could do worse, so don't.


Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Ash Wednesday Meets Valentine's Day


Perhaps, but it's a trick of the calendar and not by design that the penitential season of the Catholic Church and the day devoted to things romantic align. How might a fellow like me cope? Perhaps I'll present my beloved a box of candy with an ash cross over the See's logo. If it doesn't work out, I'll be fine as these two days won't merge again in my lifetime. 


Monday, February 12, 2024

Joining the Rebel Alliance

The Force is Strongish With This One

The only force here is the force of knowledge. Having allowed my membership to lapse, I've just rejoined the Alliance for Independent Authors. If you're self-publishing—like me when I stop surfing crime videos—starting out as a poet or author, or a seasoned pro looking for a little love, then the Alliance can help. Free info on writing, marketing, agents and contracts. 

I receive nary a cent for my advocacy, but I wish I did.

There are different levels of membership. Give it a look.

Monday, February 05, 2024

'Male and Pale is Stale' Leads to 'Flop Busters'


Dream Factory Now a Nightmare for Some

An anonymous member of the Writers Guild of America has posted an open letter to the guild pointing out the hazards of DEI.  (A more nuanced defintion here.) Said writer posted the letter to a movie critic site called Film Threat instead of the entertainment industry press.

The letter speaks of a climate of fear smothering Hollywood as the top-down push for DEI is resulting in discrimination against white males and the hiring of writers for no other reason than the color of their skin or sexual preferences. This leads to the production of expensive 'flop busters' such as The Marvels or the latest Indiana Jones.

Sadly, animation—South Park excepted—was gobbled up by DEI years ago.

There's more in the open letter. Also, if you must watch video, check out YouTube Channel Film Threat's take on the subject. 

The clash between enforced DEI and productivity is being waged across many industries. Now Hollywood must choose between the illusion of fairness and product quality, in addition to appeasing the Chinese.

South Park best summed up the effects of DEI on creativity:

(Language Warning)

Sunday, February 04, 2024

Congrats to the U.S. Olympic Marathon Team


Screwy Qualifying System Leaves Men's Third in Doubt

Yesterday, Olympic hopefuls crowded the start line in Orlando, Fla. for a shot at being one of six American runners representing the nation at this summer's games in Paris. And the winners are:


  • Connor Mantz - 2:09:05
  • Clayton Young - 2:09:06
  • Leonard Korir - 2:09:57

Imagine you apply for a job, go through a tough selection process, then get  told: "You're hired. Welcome aboard, unless we find someone better." 

Such is the case with Leonard Korir. Mantz and Young already ran automatic qualifying times under the magic number 2:08:10, begging the question of why bother with marathon trials if somebody somewhere else who didn't compete against the same field can just wander in with the correct time and snap up your spot. (Granted, you won't find many 2:08 marathoners wandering around the 50 states, but it's the principle of the thing.)

Leonard Korir hoping no 2:08's show up.



O'Keeffe Breaks U.S. Women's Record


  • Fiona O'Keeffe - 2:22:10
  • Emily Sisson - 2:22:47
  • Dakotah Lindwurm - 2:25:31

In the corny simplistic women's race where the first three finishers go to Paris, O'Keeffe rocked the house in her marathon debut. A debut, an Olympic qualifying record, and summer in Paris.


My Circle Story
 Maybe she'll be joined by Leonard Korir.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Another Marathon Looms on the Horizon

L.A. at Last! 

  Almost twenty years ago I set out to run the LA Marathon. After quitting cigarettes and training several months, I encountered Team in Training. As things developed, I wound up running the Honolulu Marathon. But LA remained a goal I thought I would snag in a few years. 

Now I'm finally on track to scratch it off the race list. I've got 45 days to train and no particular goal in sight other than, say, finishing in 5:15. I'm looking forward to enjoying the race, supping upon the city's energy, and hanging up another finishing medal. More soon. 

Monday, January 29, 2024

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