Friday, January 30, 2009

Freakazoid DVD Season Two Box Art

Segment director Troy has alerted me to Freakazoid! season two box art. Leonard Rhombus appears on the back cover, portraying a vapor trail. Rhombus never shied away from challenging roles, often appearing as cacti, hills, and once a stagnant pool.


Keeper said...

Quite the character actor was Leonard. Alas, he never got the sort of billing as the overly typecast Weena Mercator, and thus remains in obscurity to this day.

I wonder if he resents her for that. Or did they end up married?

takineko said...

It's nice to see Rhombus breaking into a more organic form of performance.

Did I just beat Keeper to a pun?

John P. McCann said...

I believe Weena favored the rakish Kipton Tang, whose acting was all sizzle and no steak.

She and Rhombus maintained a cool distance, which I believe may have stemmed from a catering truck pastry mishap.

Craig said...


Working my way through some of your blog entries as I wend my way back through 'Freakazoid!' on DVD.

I hope it's not a sore point (since you wrote the short), but it seems that the director of the "Lawn Gnomes" cartoon used the alias "Turk Flipnutt." (Personally, I'm a 'Gargoyles' fan, and found the short amusing. My sister and I would quote the hilarious line, "That was painful and dumb," frequently as kids.) My question is: was the "Turk Flipnutt" nom de plume inspired by the stage name "Turk Thrust" used on the 'Pink Panther' movies? (If you're unaware, Bryan Forbes used this as a stage name for his role as a nudist in the classic 'A Shot in the Dark,' and it was also used in place of Roger Moore's name for his cameo as Inspector Clouseau in 'Curse of the Pink Panther' - playing a post-plastic surgery version of the Peter Sellers role in the sole highlight of an atrocious film.) Both "Turk Flipnutt" and "Turk Thrust" have the highly unusual first name of "Turk," and a seemingly pseudo-sexual reference as the surname. It seems like an odd coincidence.

Thanks for the laughs,

John P. McCann said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Craig.

Your knowledge of film land Turks runs deep.

Can't recall any details about the gnome's Turk Flipnutt.

He may've since changed his name back to Wally Flipnutt.

It's a strange business.