Thursday, June 30, 2016

io9 Kinda Likes BFG

A famous director and a book about nice giants. Is it enough?

Giant Film OK But Fails to Meet Expectations

Based on a novel by Roald Dahl, the i09  review explains that:

". . . The BFG is about a young orphan named Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) who is taken from her London home by a big, friendly giant (a performance capture Mark Rylance). The BFG, as she begins to call him, takes her to a magical world where he collects and manipulates dreams. Sophie realizes that, despite his size, she and The BFG share some insecurities, and solving those becomes something the pair embrace with all their heart."

Directed by Steven Spielberg for Disney, the reviewer felt that such a powerhouse lineup should result in a powerhouse film. But as we know, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Read the whole thing. 

Horror Book Discount Starts July 1

Tomorrow! Canada Day! Throughout the 4th of July weekend, Hallow Mass will be available in Kindle for discounts ranging from $2.00 to $4.00. Who will win the sorcery duel atop Sentinel Hill? A diabolical warlock or a grad school party girl? Take advantage of this unique offer  while it is still unique, before the bloom is off the rose, the paint off the car, the fur off the cat. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

James Ellroy and Charles Bukowski Help Me Out.

James Ellroy (Lit Reactor)

Charles Bukowski (The Toast)

A Turn to Established Authors Aids in Battling Writer's Block

 For me, writer's block does not involve a blank screen. It manifests itself in page after page of unreadable word chum. So I decided to keep open on my desk various books from a variety of successful authors. When in need of a description or character trait or fresh metaphor, I turn to these scribes for inspiration. For instance, I was trying to describe my protagonist and read this passage from Charles Bukowski's short story, "The Most Beautiful Woman in Town."

"Cass was the most beautiful girl in town. [Half] Indian with a supple and strange body, a snake-like and fiery body with eyes to go with it. Cass was fluid moving fire. She was like a spirit stuck into a form that would not hold her."

I'd probably have written, "Cass was real good looking and sexy."

In any case, I wrote nothing so poetic, but I did think of a decent description and moved on from there.

A variety of styles, themes and genres comprise the eight books I'm currently using for inspiration:

The Most Beautiful Woman in Town and Other Stories - Charles Bukowski.

Glue - Irvine Welsh

The Exorcist - William Peter Blatty

Elmore Leonard's Western Roundup # 3 Valdez is Coming and Hombre - Elmore Leonard.

The Sowers of the Thunder - Robert E. Howard.

American Tabloid - James Ellroy.

The Fun Parts - Sam Lipsyte.

The Debut - Anita Brookner.

Thank you, everyone!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Paul Dini Turns Tough Times into Comic Relief

Animation Ace Pens Graphic Batman Novel Based on Real Life Events 

Back in the day at Warner Bros., I recall Paul Dini describing the beating he took at the hands of two muggers. He was pounded pretty good. As is the way of violence, it lingered in his life for decades. But Dini has finally found a way to turn the attack to good use. He's written a graphic novel built around his experience and its aftermath. Twenty-three years later, according to the LA Weekly, "in Dark Night, Dini tells his tale in a way that connects the trauma to the crime fighters and criminals who lived in his [TV animation] work."

With art by Eduardo Risso, Dark Night:A True Batman Story depicts the Caped Crusader "as the savior who helps a discouraged man recover from a brutal attack that left him unable to face the world."

The Weekly article feels the story "benefits from the perspective of years past. Says Dini, 'I had to go beyond it and I had to reach this point of, I survived and that's enough."

Paul Dini via blurppy

In addition, ". . . Dini wasn't just better able to revisit the attack but also he could see the benefit of sharing his story with others. 'I began thinking, maybe there are people who have gone through things like this, or similar tragedies, and that's arrested their life in some way,' he says. 'Maybe this could be a way of telling people that if someone life me could get through a situation like this, then they could, too.'

Dark Night: A True Batman Story went out to comic book shops yesterday and will everywhere in the bookish world June 21.

Good for you, Paul. The pre-orders look solid. I hope it sells a ton.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Western Romance Parody Rolls Along

Second spot from the left on Bookreels. 

Fifty Shades of Zane Grey Among Bookreels Most Viewed

As the months zip past like tumbleweed in a derecho, the book trailer for my lampooning of Fifty Shades of Grey continues to attract eyeballs. The text that has been called, 'completely cracked' by Bookangel quietly awaits new readers. Learn for yourself the secrets of the Trap Room and the choices made by young, innocent Anna Ironhead

Not to crow excessively, but here is another Bookreels screen grab of 50ZG holding down the pole position in the Humor category,

Add caption
Tomorrow will see the arrival of the latest Hallow Mass book trailer. Actually, two trailers in the next week or so. Somehow trailer three will be released before two. But that is a mystery not worth delving into. 

A pleasant Sunday afternoon to all. 

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