Monday, July 25, 2011

Jimmy Freeman 8th at Angeles Crest

My former Team in Training marathon coach, Jimmy Dean Freeman finished 8th at the Angeles Crest 100 Race. Very impressive performance, with Jimmy finishing in under 24 hours. This foot race is over and through the Angeles Crest National Forest. When it's not burning down, these mountains can be quite a beautiful place to visit and an exhausting spot to run a hundred miles across. Nevertheless, a well done performance kudos from a guy who can maybe walk two miles without some surgical injury or other acting up.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Al Qaeda Cartoons Promise Thoughtful Nuance

(A deep sigh of great length.) I remember seeing something a few years ago about university students in Iran being lectured on aspects of Jewish propaganda in Tom and Jerry shorts. Now Al Qaeda, the world's go-to animation guys, are cranking out their own cartoons at Beard-of-the-Prophet Studios in Yemen.

I can imagine the notes: "Good first draft, Azhar, but the infidels aren't screaming enough when they perish from nerve gas. And could you punch up those lines in the second act when our heroic fighters torch the geriatric hospital? 'Hey, hot stuff' is just so bleh.'"

I'm guessing "imitable behaviour" isn't an issue out there.
h/t: Hot Air
Image: his vorpal sword

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breaker Burn Out

But it was withheld by burned out breakers leading from the meter to my unit. A deadline loomed yesterday with intermittent to zero electricity starting early in the morning and followed by a carnival of fun contacting and/or coordinating my Home Owners Association, an electrician, and the city Public Services.

Through God's mercy and sheer persistence, I had new breakers by 5:00 PM. Only then was I able to resume writing, typing on until the street outside was actually quiet—very unnerving. (You suspect something.)

Off to the shoulder doctor this morning then back home for more writing. Ah, but I'll have power, sweet power.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Froynlaven Update

Luke alerted me that busy Paul Rugg was detailing his many projects as well as teasing a NEW MUSICAL CHALLENGE!! With Keeper married now who will pick up the slack?

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy July 4th!

Though weakened, our republic endures. How the Founding Fathers established a nation without benefit of air conditioning continues to mesmerize me.

Non-stop marketing work for the last ten days. My boss is a young guy who has never had to give notes to writers outside the marketing world. Thus he delivers insights such, "this is no good" or the refreshingly delightful "you need to do this over." We lurch forward together.

Writing today on the outline for my online book. My employer's company is similar to choose your own adventure. My job now is to fan out the story in multiple directions and think of interesting characters for avatars of all ages to foil-outwit-escape-or date.

Be cool today.