Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pacific Northwest Deluge

Photos from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer of flooded I-5 near Centralia. We drove through here last week on our way back to LA. There was more green than brown.


takineko said...

Oh gosh!
I see houses in that..
And California has no money.. what will happen to them?

Keeper said...

Uh, Taki, why should California have to pay for what's happening two states away? blinkblink!

We'd like to have some of that rain, actually...

John P. McCann said...

That's Washington state.

And they were washed out before in '07.

Tough times in the old northwest.

takineko said...

Sorry, I assumed from the video link in the other post that it was the storm comming across California. x.x

[reads news articles]
No one is making a death estimate at this point..

Keeper said...

You mean that video showing a storm hitting Washington state?

Hmmmmmm, I get it. Val, you're so obsessed with Yakko that you never paid attention to Wakko's America, did ya? Heheheh.

Anyway, seriously, yeah, let's hope people were able to get to safety.

Linda's parents are up there right now visiting her sister. They flew rather than drove, so they should be able to fly out even if I5 remains closed (not that I5 is the only way out, but certainly the most convenient).

John P. McCann said...

Hope your in-laws are Okay, Keeper.

Just heard from my cousin in Tacoma. The city was declared to be in a state of emergency.

Luckily, my cousin lives atop a considerable hill. A pain to drive up in snow and ice, but just what you want during a biblical-type flood.

takineko said...

I'm so un-observant. x.x

k said...

The roads look just like a bow and arrow.