Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gibbon Activist Slain!

Write Enough has obtained information suppressed by the L.A. Times. Undisclosed sources report the Times has possession of a video tape showing the murder of gibbon activist Ingrid Bunt. An outspoken defender of lessor apes, Bunt believed they were as intelligent as humans and superior to teenage males and members of congress. In 2003, her body was found on Monkey Island at the Tucson Zoo. Police believed Bunt was murdered while attempting to register gibbons to vote.

Long thought to have been slain by nomad bums, Bunt was killed by gibbons. According to sources, the footage shows Bunt holding out a form to a gibbon while she pantomimes signing. The gibbon distracts her with cute, touching gestures that indicate understanding. Meanwhile, a second gibbon creeps up behind Bunt and riddles her with a Glock .40 caliber. Tossing the pistol into the moat, the gibbons emptied Bunt's purse, ignoring credit cards but keeping a compact mirror and a package of mints. Later, footage showed one gibbon using the mirror to direct sunlight into the eyes of a mountain goat. The second gibbon traded the mints to a female in exchange for sex and flea removal.

What is the Times afraid of? Release the tape today or be branded "monkey pawn." Of course, nowhere in all this do we learn of any gibbon remorse. To this day, they loll about their island, well-fed, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

TNT '08 Plus Ape Notes

That how it felt yesterday at practice. We start the walkers off an hour earlier, separating them from the runners. And with injuries and no-shows it seems we have fewer runners than ever. I believe the Pasadena Marathon hurt TNT's recruiting this season. Why sign up for a race in Honolulu or Phoenix when you have one right in your own backyard? Plus there's no fund raising to sweat.
For over six weeks, injuries have prevented me from running with the team, which is where you really get to know people. I'm feeling TNT disconnect.

Slow healing on the knee doesn't help my mental state. I was prepared to be healthy again a week ago. Alas, my body didn't get the email.

Still there's plenty I can do and I'll focus on that, both for coaching and my own training.

On an unrelated note, do monkeys hate us? I think they do. If humanity weren't so fragmented and self-absorbed, we'd take care of them now before they obtain legal status and file crippling law suits.

Let's stop ape perfidy in its hand-like footprints.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chi Running Class

Last Sunday I gave chi running a try. This system uses gravity and the strong muscles of the psoas to propel you forward rather than relying solely on quads and calves. Next day, I went out for a run but only made it a mile and a half before my knee grew sore. I backed off and walked, but it appears more cross-training lies in my future.

Joe Lahey Graces Freakazoid Season 2 Taping

Joe Lahey joined us last Thursday for the Freakazoid Season 2 taping. Good to see our favorite announcer again. Paul Rugg, Rich Arons, Tom Ruegger and myself recalled various moments from "the day."

Alas, no Barone's pizza, but we muddled through. I'm not sure what the release date is, but I'll say so when I do.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Value Added

Tomorrow we tape a few things for the Freakazoid Season 2 DVD. Nothing fancy, but it should be fun. This will probably be the last official act involving the Guy with Lightning in his Hair. A different TV animation world exists, built upon different rules.

But thanks to the Internet, one need never say "farewell," just "see you later forever and anon. "

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall and TNT

Chilly this morning, with a bit of a cool wind. Felt like autumn for the first time. Today at practice, some ran 14 miles, others 12 and 10. Just after 6:00 this morning, I dropped into my health club, swam with the kickboard and aqua ran. Felt some pain in the tendons behind my left knee, so I stopped early. At practice, I mostly stood around the aid station, snacking.

Former teammate Dave ran past. He survived prostate cancer surgery this summer and is back running strong.

Another friend, Don, narrowly survived the same cancer in January 2007. He emerged from treatment strong with a commitment to lead a healthier life and concentrate on the important things namely his family.

Last week, Don was diagnosed with lymphoma. Growing in inoperable places, the cancer will require aggressive chemo. Even with that, Don's been given two years.

Stock markets rise and fall, and the life I have seems more precious all the time.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Freak Season 2 DVD

We're set to tape next Thursday. No DVD commentary this time, but various other fun things are planned. Alas, no Jonathan Harris. He would've been great.

Head Down

No posting lately because I'm blasting away on a long-delayed, original sitcom for my agent, a graphic novel outline — completed — and the book project from last year. End of December is my deadline.

My knee feels much better. I'm signed up for a chi running workshop in two weeks.

As the markets tumble and housing prices drop, I find myself relieved we sold our home when we did. As for the markets, I cashed out most of my inflated mutual funds over the last three years to make ends meet. They didn't. But being broke has its merits — you certainly don't worry about investments.