Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Google Hassle

Google locked me out of my mailbox and blog because of "suspicious activity." I wish. They wouldn't accept my security question or anything. After hassling with them, I'm now back blogging, but have nothing to say.



Keeper said...

It seems that after you posted the Trout of Luck, they experienced the Salmon of Doubt.

Armando Torre said...

Wow, you should open an HSBC account and forget your internet password or user name while living in another country. It's crazy the amount of codes, secret questions, numbers, nips, pins, passwords and information that bank assumes one should memorize. And have you tried the OTP thingie with the codes each 60 seconds? It's like pulling a freaking Mission Impossible stunt! I feel about that bank the same as the South Park characters about airlines.

John P. McCann said...

But why carp over it?

Keeper said...

Indeed; it'll only give you a haddock.

Anonymous said...

Google is just being officious.

"I'm now back blogging, but have nothing to say."

See? This is what makes you highly suspect in our book.

With warm regards from,

Those In Charge of Google: The Masters of the Universe.

Armando Torre said...

I dunno, haha. I tend to carp. But you're right, I shouldn't. I picked a different bank and now I happier. Ha ha. Thanks for the advise.