Thursday, April 08, 2010

3 Again

Walked 3 miles on Tuesday, covering that distance for the first time in almost a year. Today I commenced to see how fast a 3-mile walk could be. Clearly there's limit, as mild soreness in my knee said 'Slower, you great oaf.' I'll make one day a week the fast 3-mile-walk test, gradually dialing up the pace. At some point early this summer, I might walk a 5k. Minus pain or soreness, I hope to run a little by the end of June. But I'm a long way from sending my knee doc a marathon finish line photo.


Kiley said...

Keep at it John! Your persistence lifts my spirit. You'll get there!

Anonymous said...

"Resume course to our next destination, Mr. Sulu...we can carefully dock, even with damaged photon shields. Steady as she goes."

John P. McCann said...

Thank you both for the encouragement.

Forward, it shall be, 'till fate or God say otherwise.