Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jean MacCurdy as Boss

On the subject of "Animaniacs," it occured to me that Warner Bros. TV animation back then consisted of over a hundred artists, writers, checkers, etc. We were turning out 65 half-hours for the first season of "Animaniacs." At the same time, the division was making "Taz," "Batman," and wrapping up the last "Tiny Toon Adventures."

In the midst of this frenzy, there was only a single executive: Jean MacCurdy.

Jean let the producers run their shows while she ran the division. She trusted them and believed a person with passion for a series might turn out a better product than, say, a committe removed from the creative process.

In time, the WB gobbled up the division. Kids WB spun away from Jean to become its own entity with executives over her. Jean finally stepped down as division president in 2001.

But for a time, there was no place like Warners.

Which goes to prove that anything can happen in Hollywood, even good things.

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