Saturday, June 10, 2006

To The Victors

My last practice with TNT San Gabriel Valley Summer Team. Most of the San Diego marathoners showed up with their finisher medals. These were big suckers, heavy, trash can lids.

Both Kates will be back coaching the Winter Team.

And I'll be back along with them for one more go.


k said...

Oh, good news! Jumpin' back on that horse, huh?

How are you walking etc. now? Have you moved up to any steady amounts of foot-related exercise?

BTW: I love that medal. I never get any medals, me. Well, I get nice flowers tho. and plumeria forests and things.

but not a MEDAL.

not garbage can lid sized.

not even like jam jar lid sized.

oh well.

John P. McCann said...

I'm able to work-out in the gym on various cardio machines and I aqua run.

You should receive the "Hurricane Survivors Medal" 1st Class for your heroic efforts last year.


k said...

And I would wear it proudly!

and a bit guiltily. I'm glad you can't see what a mess still remains from last year.

But...the notorious hot tub is now, as of today, sitting out on the swale. On Friday it's got a date with The Claw.

and oh boy am I thrilled!

you know, this is the first time it really hit me that you need to do lots more training that running-type things. Cardio machines make perfect sense. Now that you mention them. ;)