Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ruegger and the Scavengers

Vulture art from Tom Ruegger as Paul Rugg, Sherri Stoner, Deanna Oliver and I gear up to improv voices for vultures such as this one next week. Tom will then take the tracks and see what sort of animated mirth he can rustle up.

Still racing forward with the animation script, but I should make my Friday deadline. Also, thanks to the readers who got material back early. Big darn help seeing things from another perspective, plus good catches on the proofreading. Away with me now!


Keeper said...

Why, that's the happiest vulture I ever did see.

Looks to me like he's watching a dangerous intersection. "Oh, this guy's gonna get splattered. I bet he'll be mighty tasty!"

John P. McCann said...

Nothing brings out a smile like impending doom.

takineko said...

That is an awesome team assembly.

That is probably the cutest vulture toon ever.. usually they're kinda gangly, on account that vultures are so skinny and gangly anyway.

Mr Buzzkill said...

I've been waiting for someone to drop a pick into that vein of humor! The Twa Corbies had them rolling in the aisles back in 1611.

Attila Girl said...

I see the carrion. And the cash is . . . ?

Just askin'.