Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Russian Through the Water

At my health club this afternoon, doing lap pool lengths with a kick board; guy in the lane next to me is swimming freestyle laps. Two large Russian woman ambled into the water like Slavic hippos and blocked both lanes. There was a brief game of aquatic chicken in which the freestyle guy, myself, and the Daughters of Muscovy all advanced on a collision course. But the women moved at the last second and I continued my workout, though wary now. Clearly the idea of a lap pool as a place of exercise, as opposed to drowning dissidents, seemed to have escaped them. They eventually went over to the hot tub and bobbed in front of other people's air jets. 

Big fat commies.


Troy said...

The whole concept of the "pool bounce" is completely foreign to me (and not in reference to your possibly Eastern European friends)...

I usually stare at them through the glass as I run on the treadmill and wonder just how their slow wade through the shallow end of the pool, usually in a white tank top wife beater shirt, ears flapping as they spit water from their snouts, is beneficial to their health. It's sort of like the folks I see on the elliptical machines that take about one step per minute, what's the point?

In other news, my comment verification word to comment today is "fookel"... I quite like that one.

Kiley said...

Kind of reminds me of the frustration of 4 walkers abreat at the start of a race.

Your experience sounds unnerving. A shade less traumatizing than a aquatic fecal incident.

John P. McCann said...

Isn't that how you say Hugh Down's name in Pashtun?

John P. McCann said...


You've given me scary thoughts with that afi reference.