Friday, August 14, 2009

First Natural Rave

Another milestone from two generations ago involves the first natural rave. Held at a farm in upstate New York, the event featured dancing but no laser light or glow sticks. The music was a hash, lacking any techno or house bands. Typical of the groups present were The Who and Jefferson Airplane, none of whom could deliver the punch and rhythmic base lines of Infected Mushrooms or Nightcore. Nevertheless, the Rave used rain and mud to play up the "naturalness" and compensate for the lack of a decent fog machine.

What was the name of this inaugural bash?

Right you are: No-Frigging-Glow-Stick-Rave.


Anonymous said...


Can you link your blog to Woodstock Slappy? Who's on stage?


takineko said...

Darn, dirty hippies! D:

SquirrelyWrath said...

Different drugs to. Hippies wanted to see different realities and expand their consciousness. Ravers want to do all a million miles a second and have everything that touches them feel like a 5 minuet orgasm.