Thursday, February 01, 2018

Vote For My Prostate Cancer Book Cover


If you liked the cover of my book,  They Took My Prostate: Cancer Loss Hope, please vote for it for the Cover of the Month contest on! Click under the potentially winning image to vote!

CLICK HERE!!                

Click below image to Vote! You can, you know! 

 I really said the word 'vote quite a bit. Forgive me. There's a certain excitement in the possibility of acquiring cheap digital kudos.

    NOTE: Like an astounding oaf, I failed to check the link before posting. It didn't work. Now the little text below the image works. And I didn't understand why my vote count was so low.            


Johanna PoirotFan_FictionFan said...

Hey JP Is there another way to vote for your book cover? I clicked on the three options they gave me with "OPEN WITH" and all I get is a little ball that changes color as it twirls. I left it like that when I went to 2 this afternoon. When I got back it was still twirling. I want to be able to vote for your cover...both scary and humorous, before the deadline .

JP Mac said...

Try this link:

See if it's any better.

Johanna PoirotFan_FictionFan said...

YUP!!! I voted! Hope it helps you win. And it was a LOT easier with your link.

JP Mac said...

Thanks, Johanna.

That was my bad.

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