Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Morning Book Thread Bonanza

For eclectic readers. On today's Sunday Morning Book Thread, arch sifter of stories Oregon Muse saluted my recent work on tussling with prostate cancer plus two other tales from the JP Mac canon

They Took My Prostate, Hallow Mass, Jury Doody Plugged

There. That's what happened. What manner of Web clout does this Oregon Muse fellow possess? Well, Hallow Mass rises on the Amazon rankings while They Took My Prostate: Cancer, Loss, Hope is currently:

And .99 Jury Doody is a lordly:

So thanks to Oregon Muse, as well as scientist-author Hans G. Schantz for his various pro-Mac tweetings and retweetings.

Choose among these works for your Sunday reading pleasure. I would if I weren't me.


Johanna PoirotFan_FictionFan said...

WOW!!!! Congrats on the recommends and the book haul ! Before too long you won't be able to write 'em as fast as fans want to read 'em.

AND you just provided me with the new incentive to get the kindle I've been debating about. At first I thought: NEED it! Then it was, Do I need it? It's been teetering since Feb 1. The beginning of Income Tax Season. For me, it's a good time. And I've seen some at some very decent prices! So I'll get the kindle AND add Jury Doody and Fifty Shades of ZANE Grey. I've got that in hard cover, but it's too hilarious not to go in for another read. Besides, it's been forever since I've read Jury Doody .


P.S. When will you know if you won for Best Cover? I DO like that cover. Someone did good work!

JP Mac said...

Thanks, Johanna.

Nothing on the cover, but I'm think I'm out of the running.

Some of the other covers are awash in votes.

D.C. Richter did the cover. She's got a good eye.

Good luck with the Kindle.

Johanna PoirotFan_FictionFan said...

BUMMER!!! Sorry about that! Well, it's a good cover, either way.

I'm meandering around but I found one place THE SOURCE where the prices are GREAT!!! All going well, I'm taking the plunge. Then I'll get an Amazon card and get Jury Doody and a few others. Can't wait! Christmas in February.

JP Mac said...

Shopping does pay off in the end.

Merry February Christmas!

Tonestaple said...

Since you wondered, If Oregon Muse recommends something strongly enough, or if any other moron does, all of the denizens of the Sunday book thread scuttle over to amazon to pick up a copy. We try to support moron writers and others of a good frame of mind. Yours surely is as shown by "Hallow Mass." I'm eagerly awaiting the sequels to "Hallow Mass" and will alert the Horde when they surface.

JP Mac said...

Thanks, Tonestaple.

Clearing the decks of another project, but hope to return to it soon.

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