Thursday, March 09, 2017

Poem to a Noisy Neighbor


Shut up on this good night,
Pearl Jam thunders into day,
Raves with strangers liquored-up tight.

Balcony pot smoke dims sight.
Your duh-huh laugh is pretty gay,
Please take Ambien this good night.

Requests for quiet—go fly a kite,
Cops summoned June to May,
Feckless mother flounces away on another flight.

Ah, but you're young and light,
A teenage dunce with brains of hay,
Cotton in my ears at the coming of the night.

(Apologies to Dylan Thomas.) 


Fuzzy Bunny Slippers said...

OY!!! "Feckless mother goes her way on another flight. " And one day, that mother will wonder, " GEE, I wonder why my kids have no respect for me?" Kids who don't respect their parents have no respect for their neighbors.

Do you know if any other neighbors have complained? Cool poem. Shame you had to write it though.

JP Mac said...

Others had. We had some success in chilling out the parties, but couldn't end them entirely.

Sad to see a parent quit.