Sunday, February 26, 2017

Desk, Be Not Proud

What the heck is going on here?

Apologies to John Donne

For those following my furniture saga, here and here, I finally bought a desk—30x by 60x with two grommet holes, drawers on both sides plus a pencil drawer. The color is mahogany. The delivery date is next week. Now what excuse will I have not to write? In the meantime, after some thought, I say:

Desk, be thou proud, though some have called thee
Useless and fey, but thou art not so;
For those who write at Starbucks know,
To cry out, at cell phoned customers on a yakking spree,
Had you but a desk, in peace, you might pen poetry.

 Actually, writing has picked up lately as I begin the third draft of my sci-fi-fantasy-YA-military sci-fi-keyword stuffed novel. Is intelligence enough to rule? Can arrogant, self-centered teenagers find happiness and companionship? Who is Uncle Rockwell and why does he steal everything?

Nonetheless, no one's going to read this for, maybe, eight more drafts, so why not keep writing the darn thing. Fie upon perfectionism! Well, a few corrections, here and there.


Fuzzy Bunny Slippers said...

Congrats on the new desk. Sounds great.... antique! I'm JEALOUS!!! Please post a picture.

Not to worry about the writing. I'm guessing that, as soon as you get the desk in your office, it will. inspire you to write, even if you start off blogging about how glad you are to have your new desk. The wheels of inspiration will start moving. Lubricate imagination with coffee and reading stories you enjoy.

JP Mac said...

I've lubricated and caffeinated and I'm typing away on said desk right now.