Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mystery Author Salutes Hallow Mass

(Where the psychopaths grow.)

Under the Florida sun, Barbara Goodheart taps out her eclectic writing, penning thrillers such as The Wild Place, as well as medical books—co-authored with her scientist husband—dealing with diabetes control.

And now Barbara opines most delightfully on my Lovecraftian horror novel, Hallow Mass:

"Devotees of this type of book will . . . find . . . wonderful writing you
 don't typically [see] in this genre.

'. . . unkempt children who watch you like coyotes from trash-littered yards . . . '

'. . . the campus dozed like a drunk in a hammock . . . '

'As the stars rose above, a young prisoner kneeling between Frye and Hutchins commenced to shake like a dog passing a coconut.'

And many other examples of great writing that are too long to include in a brief review . . . "

Scroll down and read Barbara's Amazon review in its entirety, then peek at a few pages

In softcover and durable ebook.

It's Saturday. Indulge. 


Fuzzy Bunny Slippers said...

Hi J.P.

BRAVO!!!! It's always nice to have your work recognized. Especially when it comes by surprise. How's the sequel coming?

Would you be willing to post a pic of your new desk? I love antique desks and furniture.

Barb said...

Hi, John--forgive me for being so late to thank you! It was quite a surprise to see my book cover as I scrolled down FB! Anyway, thank you for posting your kind words. My procrastination was due in part to confusion: where to place my pearls of wisdom? On "Old Posts"? "New Posts"? But this little box wasn't intimidating, so it won out.

As you can tell, I love your writing, and I find it especially amazing that you can cross genres--from your animated films to a book like Hallow Mass is quite a leap.

I'll be watching for whatever you publish next!


JP Mac said...

Fuzzy Bunny Slippers: I just might post a desk photo. Just might do that.

Barb: Thanks. I'm even later in responding as my comments now end up somewhere other than my inbox. But thanks, glad to cross-promote. What is social media for—other than cute children/animal posts.