Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Fifty Shades Parody Attacked By SJW Neighbor

The book that caused the fuss.

I mentioned my Old West send-up of Fifty Shades of Grey. She called me 'cis transheebic' and a 'white male wampooger.' I'm not an academic, so I can't tell you what the phrases mean, but they sure sounded bad.

What set her off? I can't say. We were discussing a broken parking gate on our building, then I said something about a new 'Fifty Shades' movie and plugged my book. Boom! Out comes the verbal artillery.

Here's a trailer for my tale about a murmuring woman, a railroad tycoon, and a secret place where dreams come true provided you dream real different. Is it worth calling a fellow, 'transheebic?' You decide.

Cornerstone Media


Fuzzy Bunny Slippers said...

That IS odd! You'd think she'd put up more of a stink over that gawd awful original book. From what I've heard tell, (Nostalgia Critic and friends read parts of it as various characters) it was both demeaning and badly written. Fifty Shades of ZANE Grey poked good-natured fun at the characters and the dance-by-numbers 'sex' scenes.

What, exactly, was her problem with your book? OR.... perhaps she was thinking of the first book? I liked your leading lady character. She was like some old times 'damsel in distress' forced into a Burlesque show. 😁

JP Mac said...

I'm glad you liked the leading lady.

She endured much for true love.