Saturday, March 08, 2014

eBook Daily Promotes Jury Doody

Well-read folk at eBook Daily gave Jury Doody a shout-out on their main page. Scroll down to Memoirs and Biographies.

On this last day of my free give away, Jury Doody still holds the #1 spot in Humorous Essays:
And #2 in True Crime.

I'm at 916 copies downloaded and feeling pretty confident that I'll crack 1k and pick up a few more reviews. And a pleasant Saturday to you! 


Gillian Finley said...

First off, congrats on getting a promotion (which, I assume equals Good review) on eBook Daily! NICE. And thanks for tipping me off about eBook Daily. I've never even heard of it before. Will definitely check it out. NOT because I'm cheap (I'm not). But who turns down a bargain between paydays, I ask you? My mama didn't raise no fool. :D

John P. McCann said...

Never heard of them myself. It seems they vet eBooks in various categories and alert their subscribers.

Shame they got to me on the last day of the promotion. But better late than never.