Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tom Sheppard in the Paper

Freakazoid!/ P&B writer Tom Sheppard got mentioned in the LA Times for his YouTube work. Tom's a good fellow, deserving of continued success.
Via Julie McNally Cahill on Facebook


Luke said...

Very interesting, sure makes one think. I don't like Fred, for example, but for an independant youtuber to be featured on cable is a big deal fpr people like me and my friends.

Going into cartoon making, which is going smoorhly, and RL sketch making makes me wonder if it is better to remain independant than to have Network medeling.

takineko said...

I've seen the annoying orenge! I had no idea he was a PatB writer! Wow, the world is so much smaller.

John P. McCann said...

They will meddle.

But then, they also pay.

You must decide how much its all worth.

Luke said...

True John, of course, YouTubw will also pay. But not like networks... Nor benwfits... Nor 401k :(. Ahhh well.

Craig Crumpton said...

Interesting. I just hope Annoying Orange doesn't turn out to be another "Coconut Fred."

John P. McCann said...

Tom is a good writer. If he has anything to say, it will be Fred-free.

Craig Crumpton said...

@John: Oh, I loves me some Tom Ruegger work.

The Annoying Orange videos are funny and I have no doubts the show will be in good hands.

The core problem with "Coconut Fred" was that it was a deliberate knock-off of SpongeBob. I only mentioned it because the LA Times article says they are going "to turn 'Annoying Orange' into a 'SpongeBob SquarePants'-type series."

Just seeing that statement sends shivers up me spine.