Monday, November 21, 2005

No Place Like Nursing Home For The Holidays

Finished my animated script this morning and sent it off. I'd prefer not to get notes over the Thanksgiving weekend. But often things happen that I would not prefer. For instance, a rat has gone 10-7 Earth inside one of my heating vents.
The smell is most noticeable downstairs near the big screen TV. Powerful scented candles barely dent the odor. I would prefer this happened in, say, the offices of the California Franchise Tax Board. But instead it has happened here.

My friend and former landlord, Adele, fell and broke her rotator cuff. At 76, her vision is decreasing and this last tumble has landed her in a Glendale nursing home. There are no phones in the rooms. If you want to call someone, you dial a pay phone number and wait until a passerby with substandard English picks up. They may take a message that will be left at the nursing station. If you are old with broken bones, you can haul your lazy butt out of bed and go check for calls. Adele's sister is working on getting her a plain, ordinary cell phone. Adele says with a smile that then she can then call everyone at all hours and complain about the nursing home.

In any case, she will be in there over Thanksgiving. I am grateful that I will be home with my darling wife.

I am also grateful that I have a big screen TV. However, I am not grateful for the dead rat in the vent. Just to watch football on Thursday, I'll have to light more candles than a New Age wedding.

Hopefully, we'll avoid a fire.


k said...

Thanksgiving in an awful nursing home.

That really sucks.

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