Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Foundation Features My Prostate Cancer Story

Written by award-winning science writer Janet Farrar Worthington, this article addresses the incontinence problem many men face post-op from prostate cancer surgery. I'd say the story was a pisser, but why overdo matters?

Here's an excerpt of the article from the website of the Prostate Cancer Foundation:

"Incontinence after Radical Prostatectomy sucks. But for nearly all men, it goes away. For the very small percentage in whom it doesn't, there is help.

JP Mac (John P. McCann) is an Emmy-award winning animation writer who worked for Warner Bros. and Disney, and a novelist. he is also very funny. 

So, when he wrote a short ebook about his experience with prostate cancer — including his diagnosis in 2014 at age 61, the rush to find the right treatment and get it done before his health insurance was going to expire, his laparoscopic-robotic Prostatectomy and the complications afterward, and his five-month battle to recover urinary continence after the surgery — he could legitimately have written a soap opera, or maybe even a tear-jerker; but he didn't.

Instead, his ebook has a title that sounds like 1950s pulp fiction: They Took My Prostate: Cancer, Loss Hope. It's not "Prostate Cancer Lite." and it doesn't minimize what he or anyone else has gone through to get back to normal after radical prostatectomy. Far from it; in fact, his 'short, hopeful essay' is a testament to what it takes to recover from this difficult but life-saving surgery: a balanced perspective, a good sense of humor, a great support system, and plain old hard work and persistence."

Read the rest here.


Johanna PoirotFan_FictionFan said...

Congrats on the write-up! I'm sure many men, who've been down that road, or who are going down that road can use all the cheering up they can get.

Back...2015, when I had my fun...I noticed something in the waiting room of my doctor's office...coloring books. At first I thought they were for kids of women who were getting check ups, but no. The pictures were very intricate. Butterfly designs and the like. Not something a child would be able to color. Apparently these coloring books provide distraction. Lets the mind relax for a bit. Your story, in some ways, does the same thing. While it addresses the issue, you do it with HUMOR, which is a welcome distraction unto itself.

Hope you hear more of the same. (Recommends) . Do you get emails from men on their own cancer stories?

JP Mac said...

I'd heard of coloring books as therapy, though it seems like a fad that is passing.

At least one guy down with prostate cancer wrote a good review on Amazon.

But I always seem to be running into someone who was diagnosed or has a
friend or relative diagnosed.

It's a good choice of subject matter since it affects half the population of the planet.

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