Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Today

Not 'happy' Memorial Day. It should be a somber time with ceremonies tied to the theme that freedom isn't free. But we are a people cut off from our history, disconnected from our military whom many seem to view as a heavily armed jobs program in need of social engineering. Can't say the Romans were exactly the same as we, but, at some point, the elites of the western empire stopped serving and starting sub-contracting wars to barbarians who eventually conquered them.  I suppose anything not worth fighting for isn't worth keeping. May our honored dead rest in peace.

My family medical issue is lining up to be long term. I need to readjust my focus to accommodate an elderly relative in need of constant care. It's not pleasant, but a fair number of things in life just plain aren't.

Fractured elbow is healing better than I expected. Sprained wrist is back to around 85%. Ice and immobility are doing the trick.

Not a cheery post today, but my fundamental cheeriness is at low ebb, at least for the moment.


Fuzzy Bunny Slippers said...

Amen on the Memorial Day issue! It's about giving thanks for the freedoms we have, because of those willing to pay the price for all of us.

YIKES on the health front! How in the world did you fracture your elbow?!?! Mind you, as often as I've bumped mine, I've come to the conclusion that THAT is the very purpose of elbows and knee caps. Good on you for helping out your elderly family member! Make THAT your first priority. Fans and followers will totally understand.

JP Mac said...

Out for a hike, took a wrong step, and down I went upon said elbow.

As I'm responding late to your post, the elbow is dandy now.