Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hallow Mass: You Will Be Triggered


Novelist and author of The Risen Adam J. Smith shared a few kind thoughts on my horror novel. Over at Stranger Writings, Smith summarized Hallow Mass thusly:

"With Overtones of William Peter Blatty's Humorous Dialogue Style, Hallow Mass is Irreverent, Self-Deprecating And Amusing — A Paranormal Novel with a Personality."

Where one may peruse a review of Hallow Mass.

More importantly, from a domestic stand-point, Smith saluted the book's editing, courtesy of my wife and her many years of magazine production. 

Scroll down the page and read the paragraph. Then swing by Cultured Vultures for Smith's full review. 


Fuzzy Bunny Slippers said...

NICE!!! Though I was a bit confused by the description of comparing your dialogue style to that of William Peter Blatty . That's not a bad thing. It's just I'm so used to that author's name in connection with The Exorcist that I may have to give that book another read. I vaguely recall a bit of sarcasm in some of the movie's dialogue (stuff about Clean rats)
In any case, congrats! I hope the family health situation is improving!

JP Mac said...

A fine decent review. Blatty had a few colorful metaphors. I think the reviewer had those in mind.

Health is very slowly inching toward the black.