Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fishy Praise for The Little Book of Big Enlightenment

An Amazon affiliate site has the following to say about:

The Little Book of Big Enlightenment

"For anybody who is searching for a fantastic and trustworthy The Little Book of Big Enlightenment with cheap value, you arrive towards the best destination. We offer you with lowest value The Little Book of Big Enlightenment which you could be seeking. Now we have accomplished the basic research in your case to be certain that you will obtain the most edge from us."

Why can't you "with cheap value . . . arrive towards the best destination?" I'm guessing this means obtain a copy of the "Little Book" today and learn how Big Spirit hopes to stop you from obtaining rapid spiritual enlightenment in the time it takes you to read 67 pages.

Or it could be urging you to buy a frog-shaped cookie jar. Be your own judge.


Joy McCann said...

Oh, dear.

John P. McCann said...

I hope Fishy isn't the high point of my promotional campaign.

J Gillian Finley said...

Oh, it won't be. No worries. It's a great read. Almost conversational. Like you're talking to a single person. If you need a recommendation, you need only to ask!

John P. McCann said...

Thank you, Gillain.

If so inclined, could you leave a review on Amazon-Barnes and Noble-Smashwords or whatever site you purchased your copy on?

That would be a fine, royal act.

J Gillian Finley said...

Hi John;

Will do. I'll be doing a lot of writing this weekend! My mind will be happy, but my legs and my backside will be crying for mercy!

I'll be reviewing through Smashwords.

*SIGH* One day, I will be able to publish a story on that site.

J Gillian Finley said...

Hi John;

Just posted a short but positive review of "Little Book of Big Enlightenment" in Smashwords. I'm going to head for bed now and finish reading.

John P. McCann said...

Thank you very much, Gillian.

Rest up and good luck with your own writing.