Monday, August 26, 2013

Rare Peter Hastings, Norm Abram, Freakazoid Photo

From right to left: Peter Hastings, Norm AbramPaul Rugg.
Above: John P. McCann (JP Mac) and Jean MacCurdy.

Peter Hastings, Norm Abram and Freakazoid walked into a restaurant . . . and that was it. They had no reservations and were asked to leave, later attending a play on the history of whistling.   

Back in 1996, when a free 90 hours of AOL came with everything you bought, the five of us had dinner at the Huntington Hartford in Pasadena. 

Norm, Paul and Peter were into carpentry. Norm is a master craftsman. But you should know that Paul Rugg and Peter Hastings are immensely practical men, capable of handling the lion's share of household tasks. Should the world again face extinction by water, Paul and Peter could construct very serviceable arks. I would try and avoid drowning by complaining to God about all the people who are worse than me. And Jean would be flying Virgin Atlantic, First Class.

From that dinner, as  Freakazoid! fans might know, came the wonder of Normadeus.

Originally posted as Wood You Look at That?

 (Props to Peter Hastings for locating this snapshot in his voluminous photo archives.)


Anonymous said...

Your directions are confusing. The row ends with Paul Rugg. Then, "above: John P. McCann (JP Mac) and Jean MacKurdy."


John P. McCann said...

Thank you, Detail-Oriented.

Incidentally, MacCurdy is spelled with a 'C' and not a 'K.'

Kayla Raye Gardner said...

It's a bit off topic, perhaps, but another one of the shows within the Animaniacs serious that would have had serious lift would have been SLAPPY. Her back story goes all the way back to the early WB days. Heck, maybe she had a fling with Bugs! And her on-screen entanglements with Walter Wolf, me thinks, have more to them. It's the writer's mind.

While I'm here, I should ask, how do you feel about Fan fiction? I'm writing some Pinky and the Brain related F.F. delving into the psychology of the characters...esp. Brain, who, for all his intellect, lacked empathy. This, oddly enough, is a good thing. Fans see the characters as 'real' because, however it was accomplished, you guys related them, perhaps to people you knew. So fans could look at the characters and think, "Brain reminds me of...." I've come across BRAINS in my life and I can tell ya, it's a LOT more fun as a cartoon than it is in REAL life.

John P. McCann said...

Slappy would've made a fun series.

Pinky and The Brain were modeled after artists Eddie Fitzgerald and Tom Minton.

Now and again, you see Brain show a little healthy emotion.

But he is, after all, obsessed with taking over . . . well, you know.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard from Jean MacCurdy recently? I wonder what she's up to, or maybe she's just stayin' awesome.

John P. McCann said...

Jean was consulting for an animation company here in Los Angeles, but that was a few years ago.

She's semi-retired and lives full time in San Francisco.