Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gutless Huntsman Betrays Me!

Like most politicians, Huntsman is completely self-centered, thinking only of what's best for himself and not me. The Huntsman was summoned. The Horn of Urgency sounded. And old Jon bailed. He couldn't even hang on until the convention in August; make a scrap out of it; draw coverage for tenacity; inspire Rachel Maddow to play version after version of the Huntsman theme song. Bahh! Go back to Shanghai!
h/t: Hot Air
Image: LA Times


Luke said...

Such a shame, his agenda wasn't half bad either.

John P. McCann said...

And he left me high and dry with a song that was perfect for him.

Luke said...

Why not lobby for Ron Paul to change his name?You need somewhere to throw all that extra money just lying around

Tom Ruegger said...

John...Darn the luck! Darn!

Huntsman might get a speaking spot at the convention. There's a song intro opportunity. And today, Huntsman basically polished Mitt's shoes during his "Waahhh-I'm-A-Quitter" press conference. Maybe's he's jockeying for the Veep spot. I believe gutlessness is considered a prerequisite for a potential Veep, so maybe he'll be back as Mitt's running mate.

John P. McCann said...

If he isn't adverse to being Ron Huntsman, than I'm quite Okay.

Though he's probably got a lot of posters and campaign literature printed up with 'Paul.'

That, and name recognition, might take a slight hit.

John P. McCann said...


I hadn't considered the veep angle.

Now I'm happy again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Romney won't have the luxury of picking anyone but a darling of the far right.

John P. McCann said...

You never know.

Romney might need a good Chinese speaker to beg Beijing for more money.