Sunday, February 13, 2011

Funny BBC VO Link

They're firing on all cylinders over at the BBC. Via Tom Ruegger comes this most hilarious collection of voice-overs.


Luke said...

Hilarious! Great to see this, especially on my birthday

John P. McCann said...

And a most happy birthday to you.

Consider the video my gift.

Luke said...

Thanks John, :D but did you happen to keep the receipt? :p

(wow, I think two emoticons in one sentence is a record for me.)

John P. McCann said...

My accountant has the receipt.

As for those emoticons, you're clearly growing mushy and sentimental in your old age, Luke.

Craig "Voiceroy" Crumpton said...

Whenever I need a good laugh, I watch these videos.

FYI, they're from a BBC sketch comedy programme called "Walk on the Wild Side":

And here's a follow-up for the "Alan!" bit:

If you do a youtube search for "funny animal voiceovers" or "walk on the wild side bbc" you can find lots of other excerpts from the show.

A couple of my favorites are the sharks singing the "Jaws" theme and the beatboxing chipmunk.

John P. McCann said...

Great links, thanks Craig.

Armando Torre said...

That was pretty funny.

Have you seen the Ricky Gervais Show? I think it might be your type of humor. That Karl Pilkington is brilliant.