Friday, October 01, 2010

Dim-Witted PSA

A ghastly reminder from the UK government to cut your carbon emissions; once again proving you catch more flies with honey than murderous carnage.

mangoswiss via James Delingpole


takineko said...

lol that's just silly, who would want to cut their carbon emission. Silly superstitious non-s-BOOM!

John P. McCann said...


Takineko, are you there?


Luke said... that's why you haven't updated your blogs. :p


Anonymous said...

I like to think that as time goes on, these folks will become more and more honest about their intentions. After that -if there is one un-brain washed college kid left - maybe they can be stopped. Then they can slink back under the rock they came from and we can get back to our lives.
Unfortunately, I fear it will never be that simple again.