Sunday, October 24, 2010

99 Muslim Super Heroes on the Wall

Here come the The 99, a group of animated Muslim superheroes bound for TV on the Hub. Working on the show is former Batman writer Stan Berkowitz, who is interviewed in this article. In the first episode, the 99 must deal with one of their own when Samir the Unhinged has a fatwa placed on his teenage daughter for emailing Justin Bieber.
(Artwork: Teshkeel Media Group)


Luke said...

Will Ishmael make an appearence in the prequel?

Craig "Voiceroy" Crumpton said...

This is a media powderkeg for sure, but I guess someone had to give Bibleman and Larry Boy a run for their money.

Also, a Jewish dude writing for an Islamic-themed show? This I must see.

And it seems contradictory to me that the repeated theme of conflict and "fighting" related to this series keeps recurring in the article, and yet the show's creator says they're "focusing on the positive aspects of the religion, of inculcating peaceful, life-giving virtues in children and of presenting a peaceful, tolerant, multicultural version of Islam to the rest of the world."

Call me a nitpicker, but a show about fighting superheroes doesn't sound "peaceful" at all to me. Centuries of history have taught us that you can't achieve peace through conflict.

John P. McCann said...

Makes you wonder how a show featuring Christian and Jewish superheroes would be received in, oh, say, Saudi Arabia.

Luke said...

I don't know John. They apparantly air the Three drumber warners, animaniacs short in Saudi-Arabia with no problem.

John P. McCann said...

That may be true, Luke.

But they have a big problem with any religion other than Wahabbi Islam.