Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Sitcom Update

Up for air after powering through the first two acts. I hope to finish act 3 this weekend, then work on something else for a few days while the story marinates. My goal is to complete another draft and polish, then send out the script to trusted friends for review, spruce it up and off to my agent by the third week of April.

So, by next Friday I will complete act three and polish.

How's everyone been?


Bitterman said...

This is just the kind of thing I need to hear--someone with a PROCESS. I have a couple of pieces I need to write and I do everything BUT write them because, well, everything else in the universe is so much more fun. Even rickets.

John P. McCann said...

Without deadlines I become paralyzed by the endless possibilities.

And fun with rickets.

Anonymous said...

Power on, young man.

I hear tell they don't write themselves. Turns out, that's true! Sad.

Write on, write enough, then stop right there.

Tom R