Saturday, September 27, 2008

TNT '08 5k plus Chi Running

Winter Team traveled to Uplands this morning for the Megan's Run 5K. With my knee diagnosis still in medical limbo, I cheered on the troops. Mile one led impressively up in the direction of Mount Baldy. And while it didn't go that far, it certainly seemed to. A good downhill after that with the finish line on a gradual incline; not an especially speedy course. Congrats to teammates Chris, Dierk, Coach Pete, John A., musical John, Stacy and Ginnie who all won age group medals.

Lately, I've been reading up on chi running. Combining t'ai chi relaxation techniques and alignment with running, the style claims less injuries and less effort than conventional locomotion that relies on muscle strength. Given my foot strike issues — Mr. Heavy Heel — I'm willing to grant them a shot once I'm cleared to run again.

Much writing lately. Fun writing, good writing; writing that I enjoy. These three projects I'm working on have been in limbo since the move. Nothing like an injury to boost output. More soon.

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