Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jack Odin: Viking Detective

What happens when a pacifist professor in a crime-ridden town magically acquires the berserker fury of the Vikings? As crooks quickly learn, justice can be swift and messy with big chunks of brain scattered everywhere. Watch for the first installment of "My Ax is Quick," a Jack Odin mystery. Coming soon. Here. And nowhere else.


k said...


Anonymous said...

I'd pay to read that!

k said...

Will this detective be able to solve the mystery of the Reappearing Rat?

John P. McCann said...

Yes, though he'd probably hack it to bits with a huge ax just to stay limber.

k said...

Making mincemeat?

(Sorry. Couldn't help m'sef.)

John P. McCann said...

No, just hacking it to bits.

Are you excited to almost be the birthday girl?

k said...


*The Big Five Oh!!!* It's almost upon me!!!

Did you know you have a Wikipedia entry in draft, under John P. McCann?

There's something so very *Maeded teh Graed of teh Intrawebse* about that.

John P. McCann said...

I heard about the draft.

I'll wait a bit before I go see, since I hear Wikipedia edits the heck out of them.

Happy B-Day!

k said...

Thank you!!! I am now Officially Over the Hill!

And thing is, it doesn't feel a bit different than the day before. HMMM.

My blogdad Desert Cat would like to know if there's a collection of Freakazoid episodes on DVD available.

His TV went and blew up 20 years ago and he forgot to get it fixed. So he missed out on several important Cultural Events during the interim.

And has suddenly discovered that here is one he wishes he hadn't missed.

Oh! BTW - Wikipedia has a completed entry for Freakazoid. Your name shows up a few times, linked to other Wiki entries.

The first couple of links go to the aforementioned draft John P. McCann entry.

The last one, under *Voicing,* goes to a John *Jack* McCann, who was an English politician mid last century: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_McCann

Which was really very fun!

John P. McCann said...

Half-a-century rawks!!

Tell Desert Cat that the first season "Freakazoid" DVD will come out this June.

I'll have to check Wiki once I temporarily get the house back.

Desert Cat said...

Very cool to hear! I obviously missed out on a major cultural event back in the 1990's that I need to atone for by purchasing one each of every Freakazoid DVD that is to be released.

In the mean time, the crumbs available on YouTube will have to suffice.