Friday, April 20, 2018

Book Trailer Basks in Anonymity

Well, what's the answer? I can write books, but I really don't have the zest to market them. Sad, pathetic, self-defeating, true. I will create book videos—and have—and I will maintain a number of social media outposts, but I lack all enthusiasm for the marketing grind. (That may have something to do with once working as a copywriter.)

It's not like I retired a millionaire from TV animation. Far from it. We're so mired in debt, I feel like the federal government. All I lack is a printing press.

But there is an upside, a big one: at day's end: I don't have to take notes from executive idiots.

So buy a copy of the prostate book or not.
Buy one of my other titles, or not.
View one of my other videos, or not.

Right now, I need to finish my next book.


Fuzzy Bunny Slippers said...

I will be posting your trailer on my Google + and Pinterest pages, so hopefully, your book trailer/ book not be ANONYMOUS for too much longer.

I'm in kinda the same boat. I love writing but I have no clue how to wade through the marketing jungle, so I pretty much write for myself. I don't envy you the business headache.

Fuzzy Bunny Slippers said...

Your books are now posted on my Pinterest page. En route, I found one of the trailers for Fifty Shades of Zane Grey. I'm gonna find the other one and post that. People love a good chuckle. And while Cancer isn't much of a chuckle-fest, people have been through it and would like to be able to see a ...lighter side, where possible.

JP Mac said...

Thanks for the help.

Writing is a grind, but I'm always happy when I'm done.

Best of luck with your work.

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