Saturday, July 22, 2017

Death by Research

Learning in Tandem

A subtle end to any story, garbed in a cloak of righteousness.

By stopping to obtain details that will lend verisimilitude to my tale, I impend momentum, ignore troubling logic woes and character growth, and busy myself with a seeming good that is, done out of turn, a corrosive bad.

Sooner or later, research bores me, and I decide the book's premise was built on sand. From there, it's a short step to a new project. Like various toxic political theories, the next book is always going to be different, better, finally done right.

And, once more, hope will triumph over experience.

So I persevere with the latest book. I hope to release this supernatural mystery as an ebook for Christmas, with a softcover roll out in the first quarter of '18.

And I will succeed, provided I stop premature researching.

Watched San Andreas the other night. You knew where this movie's going from Fade In. But that was the charm. My mind hurt from a long day of researching. I really didn't want to be challenged. I sought visual relaxation and found it. (A few nights later, I watched The Master. And while I loved the acting, I have no idea what that movie was about, other than Scientology.) 


Fuzzy Bunny Slippers said...

OY, how well I know!! I over-do to 'death' on something like a blog post. I research and the write and revise until, by the time I actually get to writing the post, I'm either bored to death with it, or it sounds like nothing I wanted to say. So, writing one more draft, off the top of my head, I edit as I'm applying the post to my blog. I'll likely hear from angry Agatha Christie loyalists, but what I say is what I've learned, and what I believe, in my heart of hearts.

RESEARCH IS IMPORTANT But if we don't know the real reason we're writing, all the research isn't worth the time it takes to look up ...whatever we're looking up. That's why I ended up writing a couple of drafts of the same blog. I had to remind myself of WHAT I was writing and why I wanted to say it. If you know the WHY of a story, your research will serve that cause. 📖💻

Bon Chance!

JP Mac said...

Thank you.

I really do like to avoid the hard parts.

But on I go.