Monday, September 09, 2013

Ink and Alchemy Page Promotes Artists

Emilia Elfe

Who couldn't use a little promo?

On Facebook, the goal of artist Robin Kalinich's Ink and Alchemy is to "encourage, inspire, and transform via networking and social media. I support and promote the work of artists from all over the globe because I believe that a rising tide floats all boats."

And while Ink and Alchemy aims at fine art, More Ink caters to poets and writers of most things written.

When the next rejection notice arrives, go relax among your peers in a place where your efforts are appreciated. You deserve it, artist!


Robin Kalinich said...

Thank you so much, John! You have perfectly captured the spirit of both endeavors. I truly do strive to create an environment which serves to encourage us on to a better craft, while providing a safe place to experiment and learn. All are welcome!

I appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart. :)

John P. McCann said...

We're all in the same artistic boat, Robin.

Hope to get to your short stories this week.