Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Radio's Art Bell Back on Sirius in September

Let lovers of remote viewing, alien invasion, creepy federal science projects, and satanic false flag operations celebrate the return of the Master. LA radio in the 90s rocked. Early in the evening there were hours of improvisational gold with Phil Hendrie. However if you were up late or driving home from a party, you could feast upon the sublime genius of Art Bell. In the era of the X-Files, Bell talked all things spooky, paranormal, futuristic, and techie. Callers were divided into two camps: those west of the Rockies and those east of those majestic peaks. Guests ranged from defrocked priests discussing devils in the Vatican to individuals claiming to be from beyond our solar system. Bell's secret was to never openly call anyone a nut.

Say a guest claimed he belonged to a top secret government agency that was able to raise the dead and learn secrets lost to time. Bell would encourage the man with phrases such as, "If what you say is true, that's astounding." That's a line finer than the one crossed by Wallenda over the Grand Canyon. But Art Bell walked it with confidence and style.

I'm glad he's back. Radio just upped its game. And I can't wait to discover what's hot and what's not in the paranormal community.

Update: If you have ten minutes, listen to Art Bell's interview with the antichrist. Art carries this guy. He really keeps the call alive.

h/t: JJPerks

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