Monday, May 13, 2013

Thanks to Stefan Blitz and Forces of Geek

Did you ever read any? All of them contained words.
In my hustle, with generous doses of 'bustle' thrown in, I have forgotten to thank Stefan Blitz, Editor-in-Chief at Forces of Geek. From November of 2011 to March of this year he was kind enough to post my "Reviews of Films I Have Never Seen." And while the reviews started small and gradually became unseen in their own right, I nevertheless had good, sound fun writing them. Because of my astounding schedule, I have cut back on everything including sleep and time spent on the Russian-Girls-Want-You website. Thanks for the platform, Stefan, and may your page views swell to an appropriate fullness.  


Craig said...

I always enjoyed them, John. In fact, they were the *only* movie reviews I read during the time you wrote them because the older I get the more I hate spoilers.

Good stuff. They will be missed.

John P. McCann said...

Thanks, Craig.

They were fun.