Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Flush Fiction Contest

America's favorite bathroom reader teeters on the edge of release. My short story "Fresh Ideas" resides within the book's papery grasp.

I will have a spare copy of Uncle John's to dispense, thanks to marketing largess.

Write and tell me what reading in the bathroom has meant to you over the years.

The winner will receive a free copy of the latest edition of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader signed by me. ME!

Deadline is Tue. April 17, so get your porcelain tales in by then.

UPDATE: Send your entries to
Subject Line: Flush Fiction Contest
c/o tiempohablar@yahoo.co.uk


Luke said...

I must write! How would you like to be written? By snail mail, email, carrier pigeon, or shall I come to your front door and recite the entire thing by word?

John P. McCann said...

Didn't mean to leave you hanging, Luke.

I've updated the post and included the address.

Fire away, my friend!