Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Overthought Reviews Name Change

While talking today with Tom Ruegger about my weekly Forces of Geek film review, it arose that my column handle no longer fit. My reviews are not 'overthought' so much as 'ill-thought' or 'not thought out at all.'

And so editor Stefan Blitz has signed off on my new title: "Reviews of Movies I Have Never Seen." This is closer to the mark. I haven't seen any of the seventeen films I've reviewed since last year. And, at this stage, I don't even bother watching the trailers anymore. I'm just going to make up stuff anyway.

Tomorrow I review Nicholas Cage's latest venture, Seeking Justice. It's not at all bad. Stop by and see for yourself. It won't take long. Because if I'm not going to watch the film, I won't subsequently waste your time and mine typing 700 words of pseudo-critical boilerplate. You'll sorta know what the movie is about and who was in it and that should be enough.


Greer Hart said...

lolol cant wait to read what youve got -- sounds great!

Tom Ruegger said...

May your reviews become must-reading for all people who do and do not want to see these movies.

John P. McCann said...

Thanks, Greer.

I'm hoping the new column name clears up a lot of misunderstanding.

John P. McCann said...

Hey, Tom,

That's my demographic!

Luke said...

Great new title, it's blunt AND relevant.

Did Tom think of the name change? He's a smart man.

I look forward to more reviews.

John P. McCann said...

He mentioned something along those lines and I added my two cents.

In any case, I agree. A serviceable and more to-the-point title could not be had.