Friday, April 21, 2006

Bay Area Trip

Heading up to the SF Bay area today. My wife's cousin is getting wed. He and his bride are a nice athletic couple. Hopefully, their shared love of soccer and cycling will carry them through any rocky times ahead.

Last evening's Night of Fine Drinking was a festive success. Coach Katie's my neighbor and graciously drove me. Items were raffled, drinks consumed; loud music blared making most conversation pointless. It was like trying to chat on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Afterwards, Katie went to get the minivan while I waited outside the bar on my crutches. This is in the middle of fashionable Old Town Pasadena. Busy foot traffic. After a few moments, I realized no one was making even cursory eye contact with me.

I looked around. At the end of the street, a guy on crutches was hitting people up for money. They must've thought I was part of a double-header.

All the best to my teammates, who will be running a faux 10K at the Rose Bowl this Saturday.

I'll be performing a 1/8K reception-line hobble.

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