Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daily Kos Remarks on Huntsman

Both of them. Scroll down to "Rachel Maddow comes to the rescue." As matters stand, the Huntsman song may well go viral before Jon's campaign.

Link to John Locke Article: A Writing-Class Hero

This man placed no barriers between his writing and the public and grew wealthy as a result. I LIKE it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jon Huntsman, You're a Prince!

Jon HUNTSMAN is officially running for president.

Oh, what a great boon!

Rachel Maddow broke the ice on her show last month during a discussion of the former Utah governor's ambitions by playing the "Huntsman" theme song. So excited was I—that's a very Paul Harvey construction—that I emailed BMI and inquired about residuals. Sure enough, MSNBC is a BMI signatory. As lyricist, that means a nice little bump whenever the second quarter of 2011 catches up with me. (BMI checks are usually several quarters behind.)

Now imagine the rest of the media latches on to the Huntsman theme. We have almost eighteen months until election. That could be 18 months of "Hunt-hunt-hunt he's the Huntsman."

Our nation faces major issues—declining economy, inflation, many wars. What are Huntsman's views? His plans? How will he address these challenges?

I'm not certain. Mercantile as it may be, I only know Huntsman is a potential cash cow at least until the 2012 Republican Party Convention. That said, I wish Mr. Huntsman a dynamic, news-filled campaign filled with stirring speeches, gaffes, scandals, recovery from said scandals, acts of personal bravery, each and every deed inspiring the media to play "The Huntsman."

Who would've believed this possible?

Perhaps Huntsman's vice presidential pick will be an unknown. A quiet, thoughtful man named Howard Freakazoid.

Then I would know we were parked several spaces down from the Apocalypse.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shoulder Pitches

Shoulder is healing well with more movement all the time. On Tuesday, I start physical therapy: 2x a week with a home edition. Other than having to sleep and type in the sling, I'm making progress.

Not so much forward-movement with animation. The last of my projects received a 'no.' However there's one more pitch to set-up and deliver before this round is officially history. In the meantime, I may have work writing a form of ebook similar to the old choose your own adventure. I've got to sort through the material and think up a concept. Thankfully, I've had so much marketing work as of late that my typing speed sizzles and I'd be able to knock out the material in fairly short order.

Happy Father's Day to dads everywhere.

Friday, June 10, 2011

"Death Honk" Changes Lives

Not really, but my short story from last year did serve as a call to action. Thanks to author Jonathan Pinnock for his kind remarks re. my rendering of clown-bear fights as detailed in the Journal of Microliterature.

Link to Unfunny Emmy Nominees

Emmy politics and comedy blend unevenly.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Pitching Animated TV Shows

With my big-ass sling on, I went to the last of this session's pitch sessions. The exec. was affable and laughed after I told him I was only wearing the sling to score a handicapped parking plaque. He listened politely and demonstrated the mark of a seasoned exec. - expressing both interest and a non-committal attitude.

So far, the score stands at two shows out of three pitched, generating a trio of foul balls known as 'maybes.'

The only way to improve at pitching is to keep at it. I'm taking a deep breath plus my notes on what approaches worked and which ones sucked and start cranking out more ideas for my summer pitch session.

I really hate pitching. Why can't they simply give me money to write something funny and then make it my way? Lousy politics, that's why.