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Thursday, August 14, 2014

John P. McCann Sizzle Page

'Twas suggested I post a few episodes of my work in a pleasant spot. I've chosen here. Sadly, not everything I've worked on has yet migrated to You Tube, but this is a fair sampling.

h/t: Sese Ebew

h/t: SHODANFreeman

h/t: Animaniac Clips 4 YOU

h/t: MYTV 

h/t: soupintern

h/t: alxnotorious

And for the literary minded, two pieces of micro fiction under a thousand words.

Fresh Ideas

Death Honk

And there you have a small, but hopefully pleasing, portion of work.


J Gillian Finley said...

Yaay! Thanks for those vids. Always love to see Pinky and the Warners and you were part of the team who made them the 2nd generation WB legends they are!

John P. McCann said...

Glad you enjoyed them.

Great people working there.

And free parking!

J Gillian Finley said...

You guys ROCKED! And Free Parking is always good! :D